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September 6th, 2005

04:23 pm

Well college is great! Home life sucks, holidays suck, and friends suck except for Krystle. Oh the friends at college don’t suck but do distract you from doing homework but at least you have fun, so they are cool by default.


Rochelle’s movie pick of the day!

Today I will pick………. Spice World! I picked this cause I felt like it; here is the review from www.imdb.com. Actually their review is not up to my standards so no review today.


Song quote of the day!

I am his enemy at school; he really wants to get me down.


junkboat</a>- 43</span>

</span>falleninsanity</a></span></span>- 35</span>

</span>ramenpirate</a>- 34</span></span>

</span>pukakalain</a>- 21</span></span>

</span>shelley146</a>- 8</span></span>

</span>early_rain</a>- 4</span></span>


</span>Good bye.


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August 31st, 2005

12:18 am
You're first kiss will be a little rushed into.
Maybe you're ready for that, maybe you're not.
You're very seductive so a lot of people fall
for your charm. Just make sure you're happy. Be
careful not to lead anyone on that you don't
mean to.

What will your first kiss look like? (beautiful pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

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August 30th, 2005

11:58 pm

Hello all,

I have had a good day at school. Today I had my classes at the dorm campus so I didn’t have to take a van. I got lost going to my first class, but the people there were really nice and helped me out. So I got to my College algebra class with time to spare. We went right into the subject and doing problems so this might be a hard class despite my super skills with algebra. Then I went to my public speaking class. It sounded so lame and stupid that I didn’t want to go. Also my roommate had had this class the day before and said that it sucked ass, they had to get to know one person and do a two minute presentation about the person the next class period. But when I got to class I realized that I had a different teacher than most. He was a black man who appeared to be about 30 to 35 years of age. He was sooo funny, he kept our attention the whole time and told us funny stories about all these speeches he had heard other older people do. The people he was talking about were so stupid and we laughed about it half the class. He rocks my socks cause he has the black accent when he talks like skillz instead of skills.


Then I was suppose to go to my PE class, bowling, but I found out that it did not start until next Tuesday, so I was done classes for the day, WOOOOO. So I went to my room for a while and talked to my roommate, then decided that since I had my full book list that I should go to the other campus and buy them. So I took the van to the other campus and buy them. It came out to $596.40 and I was like oh my I hope my mommy loves me, and when I told her the price and she said that she was expecting that, so there goes my Job’s Daughters scholarship. Then I went home and my roommate told me that she was suppose to meet a girl for the Public speaking assignment and that she wasn’t at her doom, so we went to Subway for dinner, and got a discount cause we went to school at Villa Julie. After we ate I took a walk and my roommate went back to the room.


When I got back to my room my friend form high school, Allison Silver, saw me and we decided to hang out. She said that her roommates were very preppy and hate her, and I felt sooooo sad for her. She then said that they all decided to go to dinner and did not invite her. I told her she could hang out with me whenever and she said that she would use me for all I’m worth. I was like okay, and we proceeded up to my room. My roommate had the person that she was interviewing for Public speaking class in our room and we talked for a bit. The Allison we on my computer and showed me this hilarious website called www.cryingwhileeating.com, it was the funniest website in the world. Go to it right now, I mean it, this second. After you go to this website please continue to read.


After awhile Allison said that she was meeting up with her boyfriend and my roommate and I said that we were going to Blockbuster and that we would be back later if she wanted to stop by. She was like ok I’ll come back and watch a movie with you guys later. While at the local Blockbuster we got Lilo and Stitch 1 and 2, monster in law, and Miss Congeniality 2. When we got home we waited awhile for Allison, and when she came over we watched Lilo and Stitch 1. I liked it a lot. During the movie some drunken kids knocked on our door and invited us to a party on Rosedale Avenue, I told them that we were watching a movie but maybe some other time. Oh crazy drunk college kids how you excite my life so. After the movie Allison returned to her room and my roommate fell asleep so here I am informing you good people about my life.


Rochelle’s movie pick of the day!

Today I saw a good movie so my pick is ……. Lilo and Stitch. Here’s the review from www.imdb.com enjoy! Umm this website has disappointed me cause there is no review so you will get none today.


Song quote of the day!

There's no time to think

'Bout the starting or the end

We'll find out, I'm told

My mother, she told me so.



</span>junkboat</a>- 40</span></span>

</span>ramenpirate</a>- 34</span></span>

</span>pukakalain</a>- 21</span></span>

</span>falleninsanity</a></span></span>- 21</span>

</span>shelley146</a>- 8</span></span>



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12:11 am
Your word is silent.. You've a few good friends and
your loyal to them. You aren't sad but you
don't like to talk that much.

Whats your word?(Anime pics)(Updated...)
brought to you by Quizilla

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August 29th, 2005

11:55 pm

Hello All,


I have been in London for the past week and it was a blast. The fight was a lot of fun; it was an 8 hour flight. They gave us a little bag that had a small travel toothbrush with a little tooth paste tube, an eye mask, headphones, and socks. That’s right they gave us socks, I was freaking out over that, it was the coolest thing in the world. While in London, I saw the London tower, Windsor Castle, Stone Hedge, Bath, St. George’s Chapel, and the London Bridge. We ate at a lot of local pubs and ate a lot of foreign food such as Persian, Italian, Indian, and English food. It was all very tasty, and I wish we had cool places like that at home. My family was pretty cool and they did not get on my nerves too much. There was this awesome Place called Camden and they had the coolest and trendiest clothes in the world. There were a lot of cool kids there and I wanted everyone’s clothes. I bought half boots with kitty faces on them, there were really expensive but yhea. All in all, the trip was a blast, but I’m glad I’m home.


The day that I got back I played with my kitten most of the night because the next day I had to move into college. I stayed up till 2:00 in the morning getting all of my stuff together. Then next morning I wake up at 8:00 to take a shower and got the rest of my stuff together. Then we headed over to Rite-aid to get stuff like a hair dryer, cds, conditioner, and stuff like that. Then we ate at a place at the bottom of the hill at my college. They had all kinds of good stuff like pizza, buffalo wings, french fries, subs, and good food like that. Then we moved all of my stuff in, it took a long time but we did it. Then we went to Target to get all the stuff we needed or forgot. Then we came back and put all of the stuff in my room, and said good bye. My roommate was at her house that night so I was alone in my room.


 Later that night I meet my suite mate who also happens to be my RA. Her name is Heidi, and she is a senior. She asked me if I wanted to go to a margaritas type party (no alcoholic), and hosted by the college, to meet people, and I said sure. I know what your thinking, that’s not like Rochelle at all, but I would have felt bad if I had said no. I went with her but than someone had to talk to her in private, so I was left alone. I had one drink and felt very uncomfortable so I left at once. When I got back to my door she was there and told me that she had gone back home with her friend to get stuff she left at home, and she had to get it into her room. Then she asked if I wanted to go back and I said I should probably finish setting up my room. She was cool about it and went out. Later that night she returned and then about five minutes later there was two girls knocking at our door. One of them had questions for her and the other just tagged along. The one that tagged along told me that she loved by comforter, which was celestial style, and said that her room at home was that theme. Then she saw one of my HP posters and said she was obsessed she then told me her name, I think it was Lindsey, and told me her room number. Then she went back with her friend to our hallway. There they saw my little table with my ducky bath towels and my ducky soap dispenser. They said that that was sooo cute and that they loved ducks. Heidi told them that it was mine and they said that was awesome. So it looks like I might have a new friend. I went to sleep at 11:30 cause I had to get up at 6:30 to get ready for classes.


 So I got up at 6:30 to get ready. I picked out my clothes, put them on, and picked out my shoes. Then headed to the community center to catch the shuttle bus at 7:00, but then so man came by ad told me that it did not come until 7:30. I went back to my room, got a snack, brushed my teeth, and went back down at 7:20. When I got there, there were about 40 people there waiting for the shuttle. The vans pulled up and they sat 14 people each. They were kind of cramped by I was just grateful to get one. I got to college at 7:50 and I set off to find my first class which was Accounting 101 which started at 8:00. I found it with ease and we just talked about what we were going to do this term. The class ended at 8:50, then I went to my next which started at 9:00. It took me 5 minutes to find it, and once again we just talked about what we were going to do this term. My next class was at 10:00 and we did the same thing again. It ended about 10:50 and then I had the rest of the day to do what I pleased.


I walked around for about an hour and looked to see where the book store, dinning hall, and library were. Then I decided to eat lunch, I had french fries, chicken sandwich and a large soda. I went to the book store but decided to buy all of my books together and since I only knew about half my books I did not buy any. Then I decided to come back to the dorms so I had to take a van again. When I got to my room I found a note from my roommate telling me that she would be back by 2:55. I also I found out I had to rearrange my room because the internet cable was behind my bed. I took a long time and a lot of energy but I did it all by myself. Then I set up my internet and watched Divorce Court. When my roommate came back from classes she said that she would be going out later with her sister and friend Kevin, and said that if I wanted to come along I could.


So after awhile we headed over to her friend Kevin’s house. I was a lot like Beth and house, he had a cute dog that shed a whole lot and after introductions we went upstairs to his room. When we got there I saw he had a lot of science fiction stuff, he also had a huge big screen t.v. We watched Dr. who the new version and I fell in love with it. It was sooo cool and so funny; we watched 2 episodes that were 50 minutes long each. Then we headed over to the mall and went to Suncoast, where all the workers knew the by first name basis, borders, and Pandora’s cube. Then it was really late and the mall was closing so we went to Chick-fil-a and ate lots of chicken nuggets. Then we headed home and got there around eleven. So that’s what has been happing in my life so far.


Now that we’re done with all the boring stuffs its time for your favorite segment….


Rochelle’s movie pick of the day!

Today my movie pick of the day will be……Fruits Basket, any of the dvd’s will do. I chose this because my roommate loves Fruits Basket and I enjoy it too. I don’t have a description so just trust my judgment and watch it, or else!


Song quote of the day!

Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul.



Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Sugar Ray - I Just Want To Fly.

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August 19th, 2005

03:51 pm

Well, I met my roomate, and she is so awsome. She likes anime and science fiction. This year will be her first Otakon, and I feel so lucky to have a cool romate. Her sister is spiffy too. I'm going to England for a week so I will miss you all and I hope you have fun at Otakon, and starting school.

Till we meet again. Rochizzle

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August 17th, 2005

11:28 am
I got my roomate lost coming to my house. I'm going to cry.
Current Mood: gloomygloomy

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11:07 am
Oh my!
Current Mood: nervousnervous

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August 16th, 2005

03:51 pm


* Please note the next part of my entry is very weird and you may feel like your going brain dead from all the I said, then she said, like, and that's cools, so I apologize in advance but it contains allot of information so you might want to read it. Maybe, but no one will force you.

I just talked to my future roommate and I almost wet myself, I was soo scared. She sounds really nice but oh my god, I couldn't think straight. I asked her if she had gone on any vacations this summer, and she said that she went to Florida and cheerleading camp. I was like humm that's cool. And then I asked her what area she lives in, and she said she said Essex. I was like I live in Baltimore near Catonsville. Then I asked her what kind of music she likes, and she said mostly country. Than I said that’s cool my grandparents listen to allot of country. I said I mainly listen to rock.  Then I asked her what does for fun and she said she reads allot. I said that's good what do you like to read. She said science fiction, mainly stuff that will never happen. I was happy at this remark. Then I said like Harry Potter? She said yhea mainly Harry Potter and Buffy. I was like WOOOOOO In my mind, that is very good. I said I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. And then I told her that my friend Natalie loves Buffy allot and that I have only seen a few episodes but I really liked them. Then she was like so you leave on Friday for England? I said yhea I'm really excited. Then she was like do you want to try and meet each other like maybe tomorrow? I said sure, I'd have to ask my mom if she could give me a ride. She was like oh well I could give you a ride if you'd like. I said ok do you know where I live? She was like the school gave me your address so I could look it up on map quest. I was like great. Then she asked what time she should pick me up and I was like anytime is good, but I have to be at work by 5:00 so yhea, maybe 11:00. She said ok that sounds great, where would you like to go? I said anywhere is fine with me. She said how about the mall. I said ok I like malls. Than she asked if there was any near my house. I said yes but their kind of crappy. Then I asked her if she had a favorite and she said no, not really. Then I think she mentioned a malls name and I said that sounds great, but I was sooo nervous I didn't actually catch the name. Then she said well great I'll pick you up around 11:00 and I said ok I'll see you then and now I am here telling you peoples.

Oddly enough she reminded me of Becky, Beth's friend. I really think I will like her, and she was just as nervous as I was. So I need to do laundry and take a shower, cause tomorrow will be her first real impression of me. I think I'm going to faint. I will probably faint tomorrow at 10:59 cause she will almost be at my house. Oh no, I just forgot that I live in a bad neighborhood and that my house looks horrible. I think I will stop typing for now and go lie down. I also think she will hate me cause I'm real nervous now. Oh, no does anybody knows if Essex is a good area to live in or if the have lots of fancy houses?

Current Mood: nervousI'm going to die!

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12:27 pm
Rochelleopus Points!
koushii- 28
ramenpirate- 22
pukakalain- 19
falleninsanity- 17
shelley146- 8

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